Elder-friendly Phones for Safety and Peace of Mind

Continuing to live independently is the desire of many elders. This can often mean that there is nobody to assist you during an emergency. Whether at home or on the move, our personal emergency response systems offer you the ability to request assistance at any time with a simple push of a button. You can call family, friends and neighbors or professional caregivers.

Assistive Networks offers home phones and cellular phones with panic button capabilities. With a single button push the phone will call a sequence of 4 pre-programmed emergency numbers to get you some help.

Unobtrusively Monitoring Wellbeing

The sense4care monitoring service uses an ecosystem of sensors inside the home to monitor a person's activity. Sensor measurements are analyzed by Assistive's Information Processing Engine to monitory daily activities and check case specific rules. The system provides alerts when unexpected behaviors occur, answers queries issued by mobile phones and provides status reports and summaries on a web portal.

Get your Hosted Sensing Solution Online Fast

Our hosted platform can be rapidly customized for third party applications. Customizations can include the integration of new sensing technologies, information processing engine customization, user interface customizations and private labeling.

This service provides rapid time-to-market at reduced entry cost that allows you to launch and try your applications fast.

Customized Sensing and Triggering for your Company's Needs

Our Scalable Internet Based Monitoring Service provides an off-the-shelf solution for sensing, triggering and data collection based on our information harvesting and processing platform. 

The platform provides layers of functionality common to many sensing applications, Instead of developing everything from scratch or buying an expensive system customers can rapidly rapidly configure our hosted solution to cover their needs. 



Our mission is to provide sensor driven services that improve productivity and quality of life.


A.M.D Assistive Networks Ltd specializes in elder monitoring and wellbeing management systems. Using a scalable information harvesting platform that integrates an ecosystem of wireless sensors, active RFIDs and actuators, Assistive Networks is developing behavior analytic solutions and services for mitigating the worries and risks of elders living alone. The system learns a person's behaviors and checks a set of rules that monitor a person's wellbeing. Read more »

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